Electric Shavers: Wet/Dry Functionality Versus Washable

It’s always a smart idea to understand what a function for an electric shaver does before purchasing or using one.  This is particularly true when it comes to the wet/dry functionality of some shavers.  If you don’t have an understanding of what wet/dry vs. washable means, then you can easily break your expensive new shaver, which no one wants to do.

What Does Wet/Dry Mean?

For someone who is new to electric shavers, the term wet/dry could have a myriad of meanings depending on that person’s knowledge of electric shavers.  In general though, the term wet/dry refers to an electric shaver’s capability of being fully immersed in water.  A wet/dry electric shaver can be operated safely while you are in the shower and it can be used with shaving cream or a lather.

If you enjoy shaving in the shower with a normal razor, then you will probably want to choose an electric razor with wet/dry functionality to make your transition easier.  You can even use shaving cream or a rich lather before using a wet/dry electric shaver, but you can just as easily go without using either.  Normal razors usually require the use of a lather, but electric shavers can be used completely dry.

Some men enjoy the time they save by not having to lather up before shaving, but as the saying goes “to each his own.”  You’ll have to decide on your personal preference when shaving.  Certain electric shavers even dispense lotions or moisturizers for you as you shave.  So it can be easy to find one that meets your particular desires or needs.

What Does Washable Mean?

This is another term that can easily confuse someone who has never owned an electric shaver.  Washable simply means that an electric razor can be washed clean under running water while unplugged from the wall.  It does not automatically mean that your shaver can be used in the shower however.

Never make assumptions that any electric device can be used a particular way just because it can be used in a similar, but slightly different way.  You can easily harm yourself or destroy an electrical device by using it in a way or environment it was not meant to be operated in.  Refer to your shavers manual to find out if your shaver is wet/dry safe or simply washable.

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